Everyone has goals and dreams. How do we know the best way to achieve them? Are my goals even realistic? When I get there, then what?







These are all great questions; questions I can help you answer.









My passion is helping people become successful. It's the reason I entered the Financial Services business 28 years ago. I help my clients by providing them with financial advice and sound wealth management plans. In addition to providing holistic planning and investment advice, I focus on two key areas that I've found to be the most important and the most daunting for my clients. First, having enough income in retirement to live with security and dignity. Second, making certain that their legacy is transferred thoughtfully and efficiently to the people they love and care about the most.



I follow a process that typically includes three essential engagements where I can focus on you, your specific circumstances, and goals. We design and help you execute a plan to get you there.



Financial planning and investments aren't my only passions. Away from business I love to write and play music. If I had to pick a second career it would be saltwater fishing. Time on the water is always time well spent. I have an exceptional interest in aviation, punctuated by the fact that I live a few miles from the place of the first flight. Home is in Southern Shores, North Carolina, with my wife of 29 years, Denise, and our two Labs, "Booker" and "Boone". Having grown up and lived in western PA for 50 years, I have many clients, and an office in Pittsburgh and one also in the Outer Banks.



I would welcome an opportunity to have a conversation to determine together if I can help you with your most important decisions, and if Frye Financial is a good fit for you.




  • Advisory Services
  • Retirement Analysis and Programs
  • Estate Strategies
  • Portfolio Analysis and Design
  • Business Continuation Strategies
  • Asset Management