Jeff Frye

Financial Advisor

I began my career in the Financial Services Industry in 1994 with Northwestern Mutual. As a Special Agent for NML, I focused on providing protection solutions for my clients. I gained invaluable experience working with Life and Disability Insurance. In 2000 I joined the MONY Group (Mutual of New York) where I began to offer financial planning services to my new and existing clients. Following a merger in 2005 with AXA Advisors, I transitioned my practice to a new platform and sought new opportunities with AXA. In June of 2007 I accepted the position of Divisional Vice President where I oversaw a team of financial advisors, while working with my existing clients. I recruited, hired, trained, and developed a substantial team that consistently was recognized in the top ten throughout the company. In 2011 I joined MassMutual Financial Group in Pittsburgh as a Financial Advisor to focus on my existing clients and further develop the practice I had built over the course of my career. I decided in 2020 to form an independent firm, Frye Financial. As part of that process I partnered with Cambridge Investment Research to conduct my Investment and Advisory business. Cambridge, a nationally recognized Broker/Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor is a perfect fit for Independent Advisors within the industry. This decision puts me in a complete open architecture environment that my sole focus is my clients and their individual needs. With Cambridge I am open to access any asset manager, product provider that I feel best matches what my clients are trying to accomplish. I can do this without any undue influence or incentive to favor one provider over another.

I actively run a Financial Planning and Asset Management Practice. I place special attention on two areas I have found are most important to my clients. First, having enough income in retirement to live with security and dignity, and second, having their legacy get passed thoughtfully and efficiently (minimizing taxes) to the people and organizations they love and care about the most.

I have a simple approach when deciding whether to engage in a new client relationship.

  • I only work with people that I like
  • I only work with people that are respectful of my time
  • I only work with people that feel they need my help

I would welcome a conversation to determine together if I can be of help to you and if Frye Financial is a good long-term fit for your needs. I have offices in Pittsburgh and North Carolina and meet via Zoom regularly with clients, existing and prospective.

I reside in Southern Shores, North Carolina, located in the Outer Banks with my wonderful wife of 28 years, Denise and our two Labs, “Booker” and “Boone”. Outside of my business life I love to write and play music, guitar, and piano. I am an active angler and enjoy fishing year-round as the North Carolina coast offers some of the best saltwater fishing in the country. I have an exceptional enthusiasm for aviation. I don't have any bumper stickers but if I did it would read “I love Jet noise” We enjoy the outdoors, especially here on the coast and are blessed to live in such a beautiful place.


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